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While we specialize in windows, A-1 Window Cleaning Inc. does a lot to make sure that the interiors of our Mesa customers’ homes are looking clean and neat and always ready to impress guests.

That’s why we also take our dedication to spotlessness so seriously to the carpets that line the inside of your homes.

Many Mesa home and business owners clean their carpet themselves—or worse—they don’t clean their carpets at all. Take it from the professionals: you don’t want to know what’s lurking under there!

The fact is that carpets provide everything funguses and viruses need to grow—fibers to hide in and soak up moisture, protection from light, and all the material they could ever want to eat for lunch. That’s why it’s essential to make sure your carpet gets cleaned on a regular basis. Blech!

At A-1 Window Cleaning Inc., we’ve seen many people try their hand at a cleaning their carpets with their own methods. Most of these are all-natural, but that doesn’t mean they’re all powerful at removing dirt and grime from your rug or throw!

Here’s our list of carpet cleaning methods, from least useful to most effective:

4. Thoughts and Prayers

If The Secret has taught us anything, it’s that focusing your thoughts can accomplish a lot of things in your life—if your goal is to sell a million copies of a book, that is! While concentrating on an image of your carpet as being spotless and clean is an admirable thing, you can’t only think on it and call it a day. You need it to pair it with a smart strategy and the right cleaning products.

3. Spit and Elbow Grease

Technically, any liquid will do a little to remove dirt from a soiled carpet. But for caked-on stains or pet odors? Forget it. You’re going to run into a dry mouth before you get your carpet even a shade whiter than it was.

2. Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar are one of the few all-natural methods that has some merit and science behind it! White vinegar is proven to neutralize odors, and baking soda can lift grime and grease out of the carpet fibers when combined with vinegar.

If you were going to go completely DIY, you could do worse than this all-natural one-two punch. But don’t get complacent. Not every stain is going to respond to this combo. Sometimes you need to bite the bullet and go for broke.

1. Calling A-1 Window Cleaning Inc.

Listen, there’s honestly only one reliable way to get your carpet as new as the day it arrived, and that’s by scheduling regular carpet cleaning from A-1 Window Cleaning Inc.. We’ve already shown you that we know how to get the windows of your home spotless week after week, now it’s time to try out dedicated carpet cleaning service.

You’ll reap the benefits of a cleaner home with better air quality right away. Call us today for a free consultation or an estimate on our weekly rates!

Benefits of a Professionally Cleaned Carpet

Is the carpet in your home or office starting to look dirty? Ask yourself, “When was the last time I had this professionally cleaned?”

If you can’t remember, that is a definite sign that you are due for a full-service carpet cleaning from A-1 Window Cleaning Inc.

Carpets are too valuable for you to let them get so messy. Their benefits are nearly endless, really. If you find yourself constantly on your feet at work, you’re probably grateful for that carpeted flooring system. Have you tried standing on concrete or hardwood all day long? It doesn’t take long for that hard surface to take its toll on your feet and back.

Another benefit of carpets? They’re sound-absorbent, which means you don’t have to be subjected to the sounds of people walking around the office all day. When you’re not hearing people stomp around, you’ll feel less irritable on those high-octane workdays. Carpeted floors are also a great precaution for any clumsy people, too. If a piece of equipment, an appliance or a mug falls it likely won’t shatter. If your Monday mug fell on a solid floor, though? You can bet it will chip or break. Carpets are also great for children and the elderly. If a child is running and stumbles a carpet will soften their fall.

People can lose sight of a carpet’s benefits when it becomes unclean after repeated spills or simple neglect. If a carpet isn’t well-maintained people will quickly begin to wish they had no carpet at all. A dirty carpet is even worse than a tiled or wood floor with stains. Not only will they feel and look unclean, they might also smell filthy!

Carpet Cleaning to Remove Dust, Mites, and More

A lot of people will only clean their carpet when they see a stain. Carpet stains are impossible for they eye to ignore, after all. However, there can be more issues with your carpet than just sticky stains. There are many problems that the average eye can’t even see.

Even if the carpet in your Mesa home or office looks clean, it might be riddled with problems. Allergens, harmful pollutants, and various bacteria could be deeply nestled in the fibers of your carpet without you noticing. Dust, dirt and pesky irritants are experts at hiding in plain sight.

If you call A-1 Window Cleaning Inc., we can make sure that your carpet is more than just visibly clean. We don’t just limit ourselves to vacuuming your carpet. Even our commercial-grade vacuum cleaners won’t get the entire job done. Carpets also require steam and shampoo cleaning at least once a year.

Is Carpet Shampooing Important?

Any professional carpet cleaning service will tell you that vacuuming is not enough. Shampoo treatments, as well as thorough steam cleanings are also important. They not only ensure that your carpets stay clean, but they will also make sure your carpet lasts as long as it should.

If you’d like to hear more about our carpet cleaning treatments give us a call today!